Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Zoe Doss

Christo esta resucitado! En verdad, esta resucitado!Fr. Bless!

Hello all- Congratulations Fr. John on the consecration of HolyAscension Church!I am truly looking forward to meeting and serving withall of you this summer. My biographical sketch goessomething like this:My parents converted to Orthodoxy before they hadchildren, so my younger brother and I are both cradleOrthodox. Our home parish is St. Seraphim in SantaRosa, California, but we have moved for the timebeing, since my mother, brother and I are all collegestudents, and need to be within an hour's drive fromour respective schools. At St. Seraphim I had theopportunity to help teach Sunday school and sing intheir magnificent choir. My mother homeschooled mybrother and me since fourth grade until we bothgraduated two years ago. I am currently a junior atCSU East Bay, and this fall I will start the programfor speech pathology and audiology (communicativedisorders). I don't really have a long job history-I've been a tutor (English, math, science, etc for twograde school boys), but I hope to train as an EMT thissummer and start working in the winter. My brotherand I go to the UC Berkeley OCF, which is how we foundout about OCMC. Like a couple of you, this will be myfirst mission team, and I can't wait to hear moreabout all of you.Sincerely,Zoe Doss

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