Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More from Jiena Deeb

Christ is Risen to all and bless us Fr. John,

My name is Jiena (Evgenia) Razook Deeb. I was born on Christmas of 1979 in Syria and came to US in 1989 to take care my grandparents. I went to college and received my degree as a Paralegal and worked in a law firm for about 7 years. After taking care of both my grandparents through their illnesses I decided to go back to school to get my nursing degree. So I am currently in school completing my last semester toward a degree as an RN. I live with my sister in a small town in Ocala, FL. I speak fluent Arabic, very minimal Spanish (from high school). I love to crochet, bead and do various crafts. I also love to be involved in the Church serving in any capacity that I can. I live near two monasteries that I regularly attend and cherish.

To answer the discussion: what does it mean to be a servant? A servant is to humbly give oneself to serve others, even those that are less fortunate. Our Christ, who is the King of all, came in a most humble way, to serve us, who are undeserving, yet because of His abundant love, He came to serve us and even wash our feet. So I think as servants we must emulate the humility and love that Christ has done for us.

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