Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thomas Crassas

Dear Guatemala team 2008,My name is Thomas Crassas. I have been born and raised in silver spring md and just recently moved to virginia for a job. I went to the University of Maryland for undergrad and graduated from George Washington last January of 07 with a masters in physical therapy. I am in the middle of many transitions right now, but excited with all the blessings that have occurred recently. I moved to virginia to be part of a new clinic that is opening actually this week. I practice in an outpatient physical therapy clinic and sports medicine. I attend St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church but am also transitioning into a new home at St Katherine's Greek Ortho Church in Va. I can't say enough how blessed I am in so many ways and I just hope to share some of these blessings. I look forward to seeing everyone soon and I pray that this email finds everyone well.To be a servant: I have had the opportunity to do many little service projects, but never a mission trip. One of my favorite quotes is "In order to find oneself, you must first lose yourself in the service of others" I strongly believe by losing oneself in the needs of another person, it gives us a better insight and understanding of our own foundational needs. It shows us what truly matters in life and what truly is worth it. I strongly feel that God calls each one of us to utilize our blessings for His will in order to let his light shine through us. We have been blessed with many things in our lives which we have been fortunate to receive. I hope that I can share my blessings with others and humbly be able to help to make other lives better. In Christ,Thomas Crassas

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